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20/4/73 (Tuổi: 47)
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study Directing

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    20/4/73 (Tuổi: 47)
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    study Directing
    The higher ranked warrant officers on board, the Sailing Master, Purser, Surgeon and Chaplain held a warrant from the Navy Board but not an actual commission from the crown.
    Warrant officers had rights to mess and berth in the wardroom and were normally considered gentlemen;
    however, the Sailing Master was often a former sailor who had "come through the ranks" therefore might have been viewed
    as a social unequal. All commissioned and warrant officers wore a type of uniform, although official Navy regulations
    clarified an officer uniform in 1787 while it was not until 1807
    that masters, along with pursers, received their own regulated uniform.[3]Next came the ship's three
    standing warrant officers, the Carpenter, Gunner and Boatswain (Bo'sun), who along with the Master were permanently assigned to a vessel for the purposes of maintenance, repair, and upkeep.

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